The murder of Nils Horner

March 2014. The Taliban have carried out several terrorist attacks in the war-torn country and the presidential election is approaching. Swedish Radio correspondent Nils Horner stands with his interpreter, 25-year-old Naweed, outside a Lebanese restaurant that was attacked just a few weeks earlier.

For the first time, Naweed now tells the public about what happened in the days in Kabul and about the murder:

I was holding his head. He was bleeding on my hands. “

The murder of Nils Horner is a story about a foreign correspondent who lived 13 years in suitcases and had a rare ability to be first on the scene when something happened. But also about the difficulty of being reported from a country like Afghanistan with a long history of war.

Naweed – interpreter from Afghanistan and murder witness
Terese Cristiansson – TV4’s Middle East correspondent
Cilla Benkö – Sveriges Radios vd
Per Eurenius – Ekot’s then foreign director

A documentary by: Hannah Engberg
Producer: Lars Truedson / Third State Power Media
Executive producer: Jon Jordås






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