Group of men assault woman in Elsinore

Group of men assault woman in Elsinore

Initially, the police said that up to ten people participated in the attack, but it is rightly between three and four people.

The chief of guards says that the battle started after the victim had met some friends. They came for unknown reasons in disagreement with another group, after which the 24-year-old woman was assaulted.

– As we have been informed, she was assaulted with blows and kicks. She has been taken to hospital, and she is fine under the circumstances, said police chief Camilla Priegel on Sunday night.

After the attack, the perpetrators fled by car, moped and on foot. On the night before Monday, the police have not yet arrested anyone in the case.

Police can not say anything about what preceded the assault or what the motive should be.

Source: The Nordic Page





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