Unredeemed Afghanistan exit filled on flag day

In front of, among others, the Crown Prince Couple and approximately 1,200 soldiers, the Prime Minister paid tribute to the Danish envoys with a special focus on Afghanistan.

– It is you who have ensured the safety of us others, said Mette Frederiksen.

You have given yourselves to the fact that a hard-pressed Afghan people have experienced some of the freedom that everyone should have for a period of their lives.

– The fight against terrorism and for freedom, that is the fight you have fought. And it has not been in vain, she said.

Western countries, including Denmark, recently withdrew from Afghanistan after 20 years of military presence.

However, it happened at great speed because the militant Islamist movement Taliban took control of Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul, before all relevant persons had been evacuated.

When the last Danish evacuation aircraft had left the international airport in Kabul, there were still 88 people with Danish connections left in Afghanistan.

During the 20 years in the country, 44 Danish soldiers have lost their lives, while many have returned home with physical or mental injuries.

– This year we will and must especially remember those who did not return home from Afghanistan.

– I know that words can not relieve the pain of you who sit with the heaviest need. I know that, and my heart cries, said Mette Frederiksen.

Chief of Defense Flemming Lentfer and National Police Chief Thorkild Fogde also spoke at the parade on the occasion of Flag Day, which has been held since 2009.

Earlier Sunday, Jakob Ellemann-Jensen spoke at an event at Rudersdal Town Hall in Holte.

The Liberal chairman, who is the first lieutenant of the reserve, is himself a veteran, having been deployed in Bosnia a little over 20 years ago.

Jakob Ellemann-Jensen also touched on the Danish soldiers’ efforts in Afghanistan, which he believes have not been in vain.

But he, like others, is left with a bad feeling after recent developments and the Taliban’s takeover.

– Did we win the war? Yes. We did. But we must also be honest and say that we lost the peace. The soldiers won and the politicians failed.

– It is one of the hard lessons that remains after almost 20 years in Afghanistan – and we must and must take it down. As politicians, we must acknowledge a failure towards both the soldiers and the others who have been deployed and exposed, it sounded in the speech.

On Sunday, the Liberal Party proposed that the Folketing in next year’s Finance Act should allocate 20 million kroner to the Veterans Center, which provides support to soldiers, veterans and relatives at eight centers at the Armed Forces barracks.

In addition, the party wants to secure operational support for selected veteran projects that have proven to be financially sustainable, including Danske Veteranhjem, which runs veteran homes in five cities.

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