Bilka and Føtex open their doors for vaccination offers

Bilka and Føtex open their doors for vaccination offers

The final sprint in the vaccination effort has been put in place. Therefore, companies and organizations will participate in the effort in the coming weeks.

Among other things, corona vaccination will be offered in selected Bilka and Føtex stores on 11 September.

This is stated by the National Board of Health in a press release.

There is a local difference in how many people are vaccinated. Young people in particular have not received the first bite, says the board’s director, Søren Brostrøm, in the press release.

– We want to ensure that the offer of vaccination is as accessible as possible, so that, for example, it is possible to get a plug, while arranging your purchases or other daily tasks.

– At the same time, the retail trade has a lot of young employees, and here the industry can help to give young people the information they need to make their choice about vaccination, it says.

Some companies will offer vaccination in the workplace.

In addition, sports organizations such as DGI and DIF as well as industry organizations such as SMVdanmark will inform their members about the possibility of being vaccinated.

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