Danish Regions: Nurses can be fined

Danish Regions: Nurses can be fined

Danish Regions points out that this is contrary to the agreement. Therefore, the Danish Regions warn that it will have consequences for the nurses if that kind of protest continues:

– The non-contractual strikes are a great inconvenience to patients. If they continue, we will take the case to the Labor Court with a view to having the persons in question sentenced to a fine, reads a written statement from the Danish Regions.

The nurses who quit their jobs on Monday are unhappy with the government’s recent legislative intervention. It was passed after several weeks of nurses’ strike over the summer.

On Monday, Danish regions held a meeting with, among others, the Danish Nurses’ Council to discuss the ongoing strikes.

– We have had a joint meeting with the Trade Union Movement’s Main Organization and the Danish Nurses’ Council to ensure that the organizations actively contribute to preventing new strikes, writes Danish Regions to Ritzau.

At Sjællands Universitetshospital, a total of 15 nurses from the hospital’s eye department chose to quit their jobs. It happened from 08.00 onwards.

Also at Rigshospitalet and Aarhus University Hospital, a number of nurses refused to work for one hour on Monday.

The strike is organized by the nurses themselves and not by the Danish Nurses’ Council.

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