Jordan Peterson – Masculinity, meat and rules of life

He is already a controversial debater, on a crusade against political correctness. But with the self-help book 12 rules of life: An antidote to chaos (2018) psychology professor Jordan Peterson is making a big impact around the world. The book contains not only advice on how people should live, but also some social criticism – and suddenly the Canadian Peterson also becomes a father figure for some, a truth teller who is said to have changed people’s lives.

P3 ID about Jordan Peterson is about how a professor not only becomes an internet phenomenon, but a front figure for an entire men’s movement. With biblical wisdom and educational rules as weapons, he has started a war against what he calls “social justice warriors”.

The program offers a story about a diet with exclusively red meat, demonstrations at universities and major philosophical debates. But the story is also about how Peterson increasingly desperately seeks help for his addiction and depression. It takes him on a different journey to Russia and back.






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