Research: The pandemic has increased loneliness among the elderly in Finland

Although the results of the 1995 survey drew similar conclusions about the reasons for loneliness, this year’s survey shows that retirees experience the feeling more often than ever before.

A survey conducted in April-May found that 85 percent of the elderly population keep in touch with the family at least once a week. However, contact with friends seems to have decreased.

About 60 percent of those surveyed interacted with friends once a week, up from more than 70 percent in previous years. The lack of social interaction outside the family is due to the reduction and limitations of social contacts during the COVID-19 crisis.

Respondents were also asked to choose which term they thought should be used to describe the age group (60+). Nearly 60 percent of respondents said they preferred retirees or retirees.

The term “senior citizen” (seniors) received 15 percent of the vote, while nine percent supported the term “elderly person” (aged) and only six percent chose “elderly person”.


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Source: The Nordic Page





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