Supreme Court case adjourned without explanation – resumed on Tuesday

Supreme Court case adjourned without explanation - resumed on Tuesday

The main person in the case, Inger Støjberg, says after the cancellation that she does not know anything about the reasons.

– There must be a really good reason to interrupt a federal lawsuit. We take note of that decision.

– I have just been told that it is interrupted for today and that it will be resumed tomorrow, she says.

The Supreme Court press officer has no comment on why the case was not resumed after lunch.

After lunch, the prosecutors should have completed their report. Tuesday was the defenders’ turn.

On Monday afternoon, the parties should also have presented arguments that Inger Støjberg could summon the Islam critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali as a witness.

She is a well-known debater and critic of Islam, who has previously expressed her support for Inger Støjberg.

Prosecutors want Ayaan Hirsi Ali dismissed as a witness. Whether she ends up having to, will only be decided later.

Monday was the third day in the Supreme Court. There are a total of 36 court hearings in the calendar. The verdict is expected to fall before Christmas.

The case begins in February 2016, when Inger Støjberg was Minister of Foreign Affairs and Integration.

She issued a press release in which she announced that she had asked the Danish Immigration Service to immediately put an end to minors in the asylum system being able to live with a spouse or cohabitant.

According to the prosecutor, Støjberg “initiated and maintained” an illegal instruction to separate minor asylum seekers from adult spouses.

The case and the many documents showing emails and notes in the Danish Immigration Service and the Ministry about the case have also been investigated by the Instruction Commission in 2020.

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