The Finnish football captain is demanding activism for the exploitation of Qatar World Cup workers

Captain of the Finnish men’s international football team Tim Sparv, has invited players, fans, journalists and "anyone who cares about human rights" to put pressure on the Qatari authorities and the world governing body FIFA on the treatment of migrant workers in the construction of stadiums for next year’s World Cup final.

"I am not an expert, but as the captain of the Finnish national team, I know that I will soon be able to play in stadiums that have cost employees their lives." Sparv wrote article The Player’s Tribune, an online sports magazine that publishes first-person stories from professional athletes.

Finland and HJK midfield mentioned article The Guardian magazine earlier this year, revealed that as many as 6,500 migrant workers have died in Qatar since the Gulf state awarded the FIFA World Cup in December 2010.

Despite increasing it "we woke up too late" to this question, Sparv said there is still time to heal and even save the lives of migrant workers and end human rights abuses in the country.

“Fans need to talk about it”

"To this end, however, we must keep the spotlight of Qatar. Fans need to talk about it, journalists need to write about it, organizations need to emphasize it. And players really need to talk about" he wrote and added that he first began to explore the subject in more depth after his HJK teammate Riku Riski refused to invite a Finnish national team to join a training camp in Qatar, citing ethical concerns.

"It seems crazy that even though the migrant workers suffered and even died in Qatar, I was worried about the distance between our midfield and our defense," Sparv wrote. "Fortunately, Riku saw the bigger picture."

The Finnish captain therefore urged other players to consider how migrant workers and their families are treated.

"If you can gather courage, get information, participate and talk," Sparv advises. "Contact employee representatives, human rights organizations, or your players ’union and ask how you can help influence employees on site."

The Finnish men’s national team has never reached the World Cup final, but they are currently in second place in qualifying group D after winning 1-0 in Helsinki, Kazakhstan on Saturday.

The Owls, or Eagle Owls, will next meet the French world champions on Tuesday in Lyon.

Source: The Nordic Page





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