The government will lower unemployment benefits for new graduates to 9,500 a month

The government will lower unemployment benefits for new graduates to 9,500 a month

In the proposal, which Mette Frederiksen (S) together with Minister of Finance Nicolai Wammen (S) and Minister of Employment Peter Hummelgaard (S) will present on Tuesday, it will apparently also appear that the government wants to get about 10,000 extra people into employment.

According to TV 2, there are also plans for a change in the unemployment benefit system, where a stair model will be introduced with an increased rate for those who have just become unemployed – a rate which will then be gradually adjusted down.

In addition, the government imposes up to 37 hours of activation obligation per week for job-ready cash benefit recipients.

In addition, according to Ritzau’s information, the government will set out to remove offsetting in the pension if pensioners have a job.

In recent days, employers have proposed a lower unemployment benefit rate for new graduates.

Among other things, the Danish Employers’ Association has proposed lowering the rate and giving a bonus to companies that employ the unemployed from educations with a high unemployment rate for new graduates.

The move comes just a week after the finance minister presented a proposal for a finance bill – at a time when several industries are having a very hard time finding the necessary manpower.

The government will finance its proposal through the profits from more people getting jobs, and through increased share taxation.

According to Ritzau’s information, the rate for winnings of more than DKK 56,500 will be raised to 45 percent from 42 percent.

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