Uffe Ellemann-Jensen has been severely affected by corona

Former chairman of the Liberal Party and former Minister of Foreign Affairs Uffe Ellemann-Jensen has been seriously affected by corona and pneumonia.

This is what Uffe Ellemann-Jensen’s son and current Liberal Party chairman Jakob Ellemann-Jensen writes on Facebook.

Uffe Ellemann-Jensen spent three weeks in hospital.

– Four weeks ago – right up to the Liberal Party’s summer group meeting – he was admitted with pneumonia and corona. He is and was fully vaccinated, but he became infected anyway. He is not quite young anymore, so he was hit quite hard, writes Jakob Ellemann-Jensen.

Uffe Ellemann-Jensen is 79 years old.

– He spent three weeks in the hospital, and my mother, my three siblings and I were allowed to visit him in the full protective suit as the closest, fully vaccinated family.

– I am deeply grateful for that. The fear after each of the first visits was that it might be the last. There were some days where it looked difficult, and if he had not been vaccinated, he would not have managed it, writes Jakob Ellemann-Jensen.

Source: The Nordic Page





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