When Pia Sundhage was seconds from getting fired

The USA will reach the World Cup finals in 2011 as the reigning Olympic champions and with their sights set on gold. But already in the quarter finals, they will face Brazil, where superstar Marta leads a team that the German home crowd has taken to heart. The drama that takes place in Dresden is usually described as one of the best World Cup matches in history.

Pia Sundhage tells, among other things, about how she patched up the conflict in the American national team, how she got the world stars to smoke peace pipes and about how the USA managed to turn around the German audience.

Host, producer: Richard Henriksson
Producer, mixing: Martin Marhlo
Final mix: Patrik Falck
Executive producer: Ulla Svensson

Archive audio: Swedish Radio, TV4, FIFATV.
Speakers: Paul Zyra, Radiosporten and Peter Backe, TV4.

This is the podcast that tells about everything from the feeling in the player tunnel seconds before the match begins, to the players’ various rituals to get the luck on their side. A new episode is released every Monday.






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