308 companies reported to police for possible cheating with corona aid

308 companies reported to police for possible cheating with corona aid

New cases of possible fraud with compensation to companies during the corona crisis continue to emerge.

As of Monday, a total of 308 companies have been reported to the police by the state for having swindled with the aid packages since coronavirus was first discovered in Denmark.

It appears from a statement from the Danish Business Authority’s special control unit, which has the task of verifying applications for compensation. It writes the business media Finans.

It is primarily companies located in Copenhagen and North Zealand that have been reported to the police.

There are several different types of fraud, says Katrine Winding, CEO of the Danish Business Authority.

– We see many different attempts at fraud, but typically fictitious employees, wage costs or turnover are stated, she says to Finans.

It is by reviewing almost 416,000 applications for compensation in connection with the corona crisis that the Danish Business Authority has reported the companies to the police.

During the review, 16,649 applications were forwarded to the special control unit under the agency, which from there had to assess whether there was reason for a police report.

The board has also received 1,200 tips on fraud via a so-called whistleblower scheme. This has so far led to 43 police reports.

Copenhagen Police tells Finans that they expect that more of the reports will lead to an actual investigation.

“Some have deliberately taken advantage of this situation, while others may have been pressured by the circumstances and have tried to obtain additional compensation,” Deputy Police Inspector Peter Reisz told the media.

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