9253 fully vaccinated infected with coronavirus

9253 fully vaccinated infected with coronavirus

Since December last year, 9,253 cases have been found in which people have been detected infected after being vaccinated a second time.

This is stated by the Statens Serum Institut (SSI) in a press release.

– A low but increasing number of breakthrough infections has been found. It is as expected when the number of fully vaccinated people in the population increases, says Henrik Ullum, director of SSI, in the press release.

Breakthrough infection covers that one has become infected after the full effect of the vaccine should have been inserted.

As of August 31, the proportion of fully vaccinated individuals who have been infected with covid-19 is 0.23 percent.

The Delta variant accounts for at least 61.4 percent of breakthrough infections, SSI figures show.

– Even if an immunity builds up already after the first vaccination, the response to the vaccine will not be strong enough or happen long enough to prevent infection for some people.

– Data, however, indicate that people with breakthrough infections more often have milder symptoms than people who have not been vaccinated, says Henrik Ullum.

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