Akureyri will be classified as a regional city

Sigurður Ingi Jóhannsson, Minister of Transport and Local Government, received a report yesterday from a working group tasked with defining Akureyri’s regional role as an urban center outside the capital area.

The main proposal of the working group is that Akureyri, along with its surrounding hinterland, should be classified in the regional policy of the government as a regional city with specific responsibilities and obligations that serve the population and economy not only of the region but also of Iceland as a whole.


The report of the working group states that this solution best ensures the sustainable development of all inhabited areas in the north and east of the country. The proposal aims to create new and interesting living opportunities in Iceland and thus strengthen Iceland’s overall competitive position relative to other countries.

The working group therefore proposes that Akureyri become a special link between the capital and major urban centers and give the city greater importance both in communicating with the government and in terms of general services for the northern region.

In support of the request, the working group identified eight areas in the areas of health, social services, culture, education, electricity, transport, administration, security and Arctic matters.

The working group was established by the minister in October 2020 and collaborated with the Research Institute of Akureyri University, the Institute for Regional Development and SSNE (Association of Municipalities and Business Development in the Northeast) on the preparation of the report.

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