Business: Lower benefits will get more new graduates into jobs

– The biggest problem for Danish companies and in the Danish economy is a shortage of labor. So we support anything that can pull in that direction.

– It is an abnormally high unemployment when you have just finished your education, and therefore a change in the graduate rate is a good tool to get more people into jobs, says Brian Mikkelsen.

The government is on its way with a reform proposal which, among other things, will cut the unemployment benefit rate for new graduates without children from DKK 13,815 to DKK 9,500, Ritzau learns.

Brian Mikkelsen estimates that a lower unemployment benefit rate will be able to get more people into jobs from day one, when they have finished their education. This also applies, for example, to university graduates who can take jobs as waiters or in cleaning.

– I believe that it will have an effect if it is a combination of higher demands from job centers and unemployment insurance funds at the same time.

– It is completely grotesque if you can be on unemployment benefits and not accept a vacant job – even if it is a job you are not trained for.

– It will also be good for them later. Future employers would then much rather have someone who has been working in a warehouse or in a store – rather than just being on passive support, says Brian Mikkelsen.

According to Børsen, the government will also propose to cut the set-off in the pension for pensioners who have a side job.

Another measure that is expected to be presented is to make a deduction for companies’ research and development costs permanent.

It will make it more financially attractive for companies to invest in developing new products.

– This means that much more money will be spent on development in Denmark – and not abroad – and that production will be at home, which will create more jobs, says Brian Mikkelsen.

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