Care center evacuated during gas spill in Roskilde

Care center evacuated during gas spill in Roskilde

A gas leak on Tuesday afternoon led to the residents of a care center in Ågerup in Roskilde Municipality being evacuated.

Around 12.45, the Central and West Zealand Police announce that the gas discharge has stopped.

– The residents of a nearby care center have been evacuated as the gas drifted in that direction. No report of injury, the police district writes on Twitter.

It was an overburdened gas pipeline that initially prompted police to initiate an evacuation.

The gas pipeline had been dug over in connection with a construction on Bryggerbakken, which is located in Ågerup near Roskilde.

In the same connection, the police urged everyone to stay away from the area and announced on Twitter that it had initiated an evacuation.

On Tuesday afternoon, police said all evacuees were taken to a nearby library, “until aired out.”

Source: The Nordic Page





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