Løkke’s party is taking a storm towards the ballot paper

Former Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen’s party, the Moderates, has in recent days almost doubled its number of voter declarations.

Thus, the Moderates have received over two thirds of the voter declarations needed to be eligible to stand for election in the next election.

Since June, the Moderates have been collecting voter declarations with a view to getting on the ballot at the next election.

For the first few months, the collection progressed quietly, but since the weekend it has picked up speed.

According to the party itself, it had about 7,400 voter declarations Sunday at midnight.

A day later, there were almost 9,000, and on Tuesday evening around 7.30 pm, the Moderates rounded 14,000.

The target is the 20,182 voter declarations that give a party a place on the ballot.

This corresponds to a 175th part of all valid votes in the most recent parliamentary elections. The number 175 is not a random number. 175 seats will be distributed in Denmark in a parliamentary election.

Together with the four North Atlantic members, they form the Folketing.

All parties that were elected to the Folketing in the last election are automatically on the ballot paper next time.

In addition, two parties have secured access to the ballot paper in the next election to the Folketing: the Christian Democrats and the Vegan Party.

When a party is reported, it also begins to appear in various polls.

At present, two parties in particular stand out in the hunt to join the other parties on the ballot at the next election.

In addition to the Moderates, the Free Greens have around 16,500 approved voter declarations. Here the collection does not progress at the same speed as the Moderates. In August, the party announced that it had rounded out 16,000 voter declarations.

Since a voter declaration lasts for 18 months, the parties may at some point end up, so to speak, losing voter declarations if they do not have time to round the 20,182.

A total of 139 parties are collecting voter declarations, according to the Ministry of the Interior.

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