Municipalities fear that utility jobs will take money from unemployment efforts

In addition, the effort must be financed “with savings on the municipal employment effort,” it appears from the proposal.

Therefore, Jacob Bundsgaard is “curious” about how the government will ensure that it does not become a task to be performed by municipal employees, who today spend their time getting other unemployed people a job.

– We need to have a proper talk about how we finance this, in a way where we do not pull the rug away during the active employment effort.

– Because then we just risk increasing unemployment and the lack of labor in the companies, he says.

Jacob Bundgaard will raise the issue with the government if there turns out to be a majority for the government’s proposal.

According to figures from Jobindsats, in 2020 there were around 3734 activated in utility initiatives in the municipalities. However, after several years, between 6800 and 7400 were activated in utility efforts.

Although Jacob Bundsgaard agrees that serious consideration must be given to how to get the group of cash benefit recipients in question into work, he is in doubt as to whether benefits are the most effective way.

Source: The Nordic Page





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