The Danish embassy in Kabul becomes Taliban housing

The Danish embassy in Kabul becomes Taliban housing

Now the Taliban has moved in, writes the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten according to the news agency NTB.

The newspaper reports from the former embassies in Kabul, where Aftenposten’s journalists have been shown around by self-proclaimed Taliban members. There are 56 of them and they now live at the embassies.

According to the journalists, the Taliban members have been carrying out proper clean-up work.

Here, garbage bags have been collected with things that they consider to be scrap.

Among other things, a CD with Norwegian Christmas songs and the Norwegian film Kurt Bliver Grusom on DVD has been found and classified as garbage.

Pictures also show a Taliban member testing a rowing machine while another is holding wooden skis – of course with the so-called Kandahar bindings.

Not that Norway and Denmark should fear losing their property.

– This area still belongs to their countries. You’ll probably get it back. We are just taking care of it, says Amir Mohammed Mohammed, who heads the small faction of Taliban members.

Source: The Nordic Page





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