The first garlic cultivation in Iceland’s history

Hörður Bender is Iceland’s first and only garlic farmer. He is currently working with his wife Þórunn Jónsdóttir and five children on the groundbreaking first large-scale garlic harvest in Icelandic history. Garlic grows and thrives in volcanic soil, and Hörður argues Icelandic consumers can expect a good product.

The family bought the land four years ago in Efri-Úlfsstaðir in the south of the country for tourism and horse breeding. The pandemic came, and with it the decline of tourists, and then the family decided to try something new. Garlic has been cultivated and the harvest is now expected to be around two tonnes this fall.


“We grew a small amount of garlic in the garden for home use. When we wanted to break it off last year, suddenly something popped into my head. I was standing there with a full handful of garlic and together we thought: “What is it, of course we have to grow garlic in Iceland?” Says Hörður.

Source: Yle





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