The government will raise the tax on stock gains

The government will raise the tax on stock gains

Specifically, the government will raise taxation on gains over DKK 56,500 to 45 percent from 42 percent. The change will thus affect the people who have the largest share income.

If you sell shares for a year with a gain of DKK 100,000, the raised tax will mean that you have to pay around DKK 1,300 more in tax than today.

The tax was until 2010 at 45 percent, but was lowered by the then VK government to 42 percent. Now the government wants the tax back to 45 percent.

According to the Ministry of Taxation, more than one million people own listed shares for free funds.

That is, shares bought for one’s saved money – the pension savings are not included here.

According to the think tank Taxfoundation, Denmark with the current rate of 42 percent is the country in Europe that has the highest marginal tax on share gains – ie the tax on the last krone earned.

In Sweden, Norway and Finland, the rate is between 30 and 34 percent.

According to the business organization Dansk Industri, an increase in the share tax will make it more difficult for companies – especially start-ups – to attract investments. This is what political director Emil Fannikke Kiær says.

– When you raise the taxation on shares, you make it less attractive in companies, which find it more difficult to obtain financing for investments. Innovation is hampered.

– It is a completely crooked road to go on, he says.

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