The hottest summer in the history of meteorological measurements

The summer of 2021 was exceptionally warm. This is the warmest summer since the start of the measurements in Akureyri, Egilsstaðir, Dalatangi and Grímsstaðir á Fjöllum and the second warmest in Grímsey and Bolungarvík. In Akureyri, the measurements lasted 141 years and 148 years on Grímsey.

In the seasonal report of the Meteorological Institute covering the months of June, July and August we read that the summer started cold. In mid-June it was extremely cold in the interior of the country, and even snow fell in many places outside the capital. After a cold and dry spring, vegetation slowly started.


At the end of June it got very warm and we experienced extremely high temperatures in the north and east of the country that lasted almost continuously all summer. “In these parts of the country it was extremely sunny and dry, while in the southwest it was cloudy and relatively cooler” – we read in the report.

There were 57 days with a maximum temperature of 20 degrees or more in any given place on the island during the three summer months, and there have never been more such days in the history of measurements (8 in June, 29 in July, and 20 in August).

Source: Yle





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