An 18-year-old is accused of murder in an accident in which three young people died

The trial of an 18-year-old man accused of three murder charges in a fatal car accident in August last year began in Pirkanmaa District Court on Wednesday.

The one-vehicle accident occurred in Nokia, near the city of Tampere, on 16 August 2020 after one o’clock. The car drove off the road and collided with a tree, killing three teenage passengers and slightly injuring them.

A driver who was a minor at the time of the collision is also charged with aggravated drink-driving and aggravated endangering road safety.

Prosecutor, Pasi Vainio, accused the man of murder instead of killing because of three exceptional features of the case.

The first was the large number of victims, and the second was that the victims were all in the same car and no other cars were involved in the accident.

According to the prosecutor, the third factor related to the purpose, arguing that the collision was not negligence. Therefore, he said earlier that the charges were murder, not aggravated murder.

The court was shown evidence of video footage uploaded to the social media Snapchat platform before the vehicle collided with a tree.

Defendant has denied driving the vehicle at the time of the accident, but said he had driven it earlier that night.

He also said he did not remember sending messages to Snapchat at the time of the accident.

Because the defendant was a minor at the time of the accident, the prosecutor has demanded the man be sentenced to nine years in prison.

A “scared” passenger

According to the prosecutor, the video evidence showed that the car had reached a speed of up to 170 km / h and in a collision with a tree at least 120 km / h.

According to the prosecutor, one of the victims of the accident sent a message of fear during the trip.

The prosecutor also said the accused had engaged the emergency brake, causing the car to drive off the road by sliding sideways. The force of the vehicle caused the wood to be cut in half.

The defense said it was not clear whether the parking brake was engaged while the car was in motion or whether it was engaged after the collision.

The man survived serious injuries in the collision as the right side of the vehicle hit a tree that opened the driver’s seat airbag and largely protected him.

A young man born in a passenger seat in 2003 wore a seat belt at the time of the accident, but the female victims sitting behind, both born in 2002, did not wear a seat belt. All three died immediately in the collision.

The mood changed

According to the prosecutor, the young man drinks alcohol while driving and that the blood alcohol content (BAC) is 1.86 per mille (mg / ml blood).

Among other things, videos uploaded to social media showed a variety of situations that evening, including photos of four young people riding in a car. A video taken one night showed that someone other than the respondent was driving a car.

According to the prosecutor, the video evidence also showed that the defendant was driving the car in the opposite lane of traffic and that the mood inside the vehicle had changed.

According to the prosecutor, the accused also used a mobile phone while driving, filmed videos and sent text messages. Evidence of this was seen in the defendant’s Snapchat messages, photographs, and videos.

The court has set aside three days for criminal proceedings.

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