Antibody therapy can help the vulnerable

It is an effective protection that can prevent serious disease from coronary heart disease in some Danes, says Jens Lundgren, professor and chief physician in infectious disease medicine at Rigshospitalet.

– Not everyone in the country has an immune system that is able to produce enough antibodies.

– Therefore, their immune system can be strengthened with either this antibody treatment or a third plug and thereby in many cases alleviate serious illness, he says.

Jens Lundgren emphasizes that the antibody treatment against corona is a plan B, which should only be used in cases where the vaccines do not cover sufficiently.

– The vaccines are clearly the best, he says.

The treatment takes place by injecting the medicine directly into a vein – it can take up to half an hour. Thereafter, the patient should be monitored for several hours.

The drug should be given within five days after a person has been infected with corona.

However, only certain people in the risk group should be offered the treatment.

This applies, for example, to Danes with a lung disease, cardiovascular disease or multiple sclerosis.

Almost 50,000 Danes are currently invited to a third sting with a corona vaccine. It may be people in this group who may also be offered antibody treatment, says Jens Lundgren.

The Sclerosis Association estimates that around 1500-1800 sclerosis patients may benefit from treatment with antibodies to coronary heart disease. These are the same patients who have also been offered a third vaccine sting.

This is because certain sclerosis patients receive medication that makes it difficult for the patient to make their own antibodies after vaccination.

This is what Finn Sellebjerg, chief physician at Rigshospitalet’s Sclerosis Clinic and professor of neurology at the University of Copenhagen, says.

He is also chairman of the Scleroseforeningen’s research committee.

– Some patients receive a treatment that destroys antibodies. And if you belong to that particular group, then you will have few or no antibodies.

– This may be the explanation for the fact that some people have a more serious course of illness due to infection than others. So those antibody treatment can help them.

“But it is important to only take those patients who are at increased risk, because the vast majority of sclerosis patients do not need an antibody treatment at all,” he says.

Several drugs for antibody treatment are currently being approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and thus in Denmark. This includes the drug sotrovimab from GlaxoSmithKline.

Preliminary study results show that this particular drug can reduce the likelihood of hospitalization and death by 85 percent in patients who are at increased risk of becoming seriously ill with covid-19.

Other means also show positive results. Several drugs may be approved for use in Denmark within a few months.

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