Culture Round-Up: HBO Max will be launched in Denmark in October

This is the announcement that Denmark has been waiting for all year: HBO Max launched here on October 26th.

Its arrival, which will coincide with the phasing out of HBO Nordic, will mean that viewers in the Nordics, and also Spain and Andorra, will be the first in Europe to try the renewed streaming provider.

Virtual launch planned
Prior to the launch, HBO Max will be hosting a virtual event to showcase the much expanded library of titles available thanks to content actions featuring e.g. Warner Bros., HBO, DC, Cartoon Network and Max Originals

Check out the video (see below) to find out more about its new content.

Over 40 markets and counters
HBO Max was launched in the US in May 2020, and in June it was launched in 39 markets in Latin America and the Caribbean.

It is unknown whether HBO Nordic subscribers will face a membership increase when HBO Max takes over.

A chance to find out which Danish singers can not cut it

A South Korean format from 2015 for a reality TV singing competition that has a track record for exposing professional singers as bad live performers, makes its way to Denmark’s TV2 in November. In ‘The Masked Singer’, the participants appear – a mixture of celebrities, three or four of whom tend to be singers – disguised. Moreover, when they are interviewed, their voice is distorted. This can often lead to fun when revealed. For example, in Season 2 of the US, Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child finished a low seventh, but she only had to wait a year to reject the stigma when Chaka Khan (16th) and Dionne Warwick (14th) quickly bombed out of S3. But even they were no match for rapper Busta Rhymes, who finished cold stone at the end of S4. In Denmark, the show will be called ‘Who holds the mask?’

Female couple competing ‘Wild with dance’, but can they match the boys?

When Jakob Fauerby and Silas Holst became the first same-sex partnership to enter ‘Wild with dance’, the Danish version of Strictly Comes Dancing, in 2019, they were actually far behind the curve when Israel were the original trailblazers back in 2010. Nevertheless, Fauerby and Holst marked their own path by becoming the first same-sex partnership to win the entire competition anywhere in the world. Two years later, same-sex duo Freja Kirk and Claudia Rex hope to win the title. Rex has already confirmed to DR that Kirk will take the lead. Season 18 starts on September 10th.

Chefs stopped the judging panel for Denmark’s Best Burger

A number of judges in the panel, which awarded the Hungry Dane the prize for producing Denmark’s Best Burger 2021, have complained about the organizers of the annual ranking. TV chef Martin Becker Rasmussen, who has stepped down from the panel, is critical of the points distribution, as it punishes burgers that do not have different components, e.g. Cheese. He also wonders why the Popl burger (served by the team behind Noma) was tasted by the panel even though the restaurant had refused to attend. Fish bar chef Jamie Lee, who has also resigned, questions why so many burgers were not included. He was surprised that Hungry Dane won when he felt it did not reflect the panel’s opinion.

Graphic novel inspired by Bohr’s debate with Einstein

Niels Bohr and Albert Einstein debated quantum theory at the Solvay conference in 1927 in Brussels, and according to most accounts, the Dane was the victor that day. Almost a century later, two of their respective compatriots, Jan Egesborg and Johannes Töws, use the conference as a springboard for their graphic novel, in which the two researchers, both Jews, are targeted by the new Nazi party. In ‘Lost Summers’, which is written by Egesborg with illustrations from Töws, a visiting German physicist is suspected of having planned their murder. Fortunately for the researchers, two undercover British agents are among the participants.

Queen designs designs for Bille August’s new Karen Blixen adaptation

Queen Margrethe II will design the scenes for Bille August’s adaptation of Karen Blixen’s short story ‘Ehrengard’. The Danish monarch, who has a long experience of designing scenes for the stage, said: “Karen Blixen’s stories have always fascinated me with their aesthetic stories, their imagination and their, for me, image-developing worlds – and I am incredibly happy to be a part of this project. “The film will be produced by Netflix.

New food and drink festival hitting Tivoli for nine days from Saturday

Food, Beer & Wine Festival opens from Saturday in Tivoli and is a mecca for food nerds, claims the theme park. The line-up includes wine tastings and food tastings, DM in blind wine tasting (12 Sep.), the final of the Danish sommelier championships (13 Sep.), Champagne tastings (Nimb Bar, 13 Sep., 19:00), beer tastings (Anarchist, 16. September, 4pm), demonstrations (daily at 5pm) from chefs like Claus Meyer and a host of other gastronomic adventures. The festival runs for nine days and ends with a giant crayfish feast on the lawn (19 Sep 14:00).

Church minister ruffles priests of feathers with ‘unchristian’ photo

The new Minister of Church and Culture, Ane Halsboe-Jørgensen, has fluffed feathers after a picture of her dressed as a viewer appeared. The photo was taken by the artist Jim Lyngvild for a series containing nine other famous Danish women dressed as Viking-era shams, including the actress Ghita Nørby and former minister Thyra Frank, which will be shown in an upcoming exhibition. Several pastors and politicians have viewed the images as ‘unchristian’. “This is typical of a government that does not really take faith or culture seriously,” wrote Nikolaj Bøgh, conservative councilor in Frederiksberg, on Facebook. The exhibition ‘Wolves, Gold and Gods’ opens at Køge Museum and Museum Southeast Denmark on 2 December.

Source: The Nordic Page





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