He lost his sight – but not his humor

In recent years, the popular humorist has been visually impaired due to an eye disease. However, it has not taken the courage from him.

– The fussy self-pity is the way directly to depression, he stated a few years ago in a podcast from the Institute for the Blind and Visually Impaired, where the newly blind learn to cope, and where Henrik H. Lund has had his way.

And he insists on continuing with everything he loves to do, he has said – writing, drawing, painting and making music.

Among other things, he sat down to illustrate a book with his own lyrics.

– I got gear acquired, and if I then sat with my nose all the way down on the board and looked down into a magnifying glass, I could see the lines. So I made 52 illustrations for my songbook.

– I do not know how good they are, because I can not see them, he said at the time.

Henrik H. Lund has been around a lot in his career and started as a copywriter in the advertising industry, where he later had his own agency for 25 years.

In parallel, he found his way into the entertainment industry.

From the beginning of the 1970s & apos; he has written texts for several of the country’s revue scenes – such as Tivoli Friheden, Cirkusrevyen and the revues in Nykøbing Falster, Helsingør, Holstebro and Hjørring.

It has also become a TV satire, including “Danish Natural Gas”, where the actors Tommy Kenter and Per Pallesen became popular as the characters Mathiesen and Mrs. Christof.

And then his characteristic white beard and hair have also earned him roles as Santa Claus in, among other things, “Santa Claus in Greenland” and “Everlasting Santa Claus”.

He is also known as a singer and anecdote narrator and has released several CDs with his own lyrics.

Henrik H. Lund was for a number of years chairman of Danske Populær Autorer, which is an association for Danish songwriters, composers and lyricists.

In his own words, Henrik H. Lund is hereditarily burdened by rhyme. His father was the author Harald H. Lund, who among other things wrote “The Elephant’s Lullaby”.

Source: The Nordic Page





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