Khader: K would not be unfriended with fanatical MeToo movement

– I think another factor that came into play in relation to the party’s decision is that one simply does not want to be unfriended with the very strong and militant and fanatical MeToo movement.

– The party would have been exposed to a shitstorm by the MeToo movement if a different decision had been made, says Naser Khader.

The party’s then legal spokesman had to leave the Conservatives last month as a result of a series of infringement cases, although Khader himself has denied all charges.

On August 18, the relationship between Khader and the Conservatives ended. The party told him he could no longer be a member of the party, after which Khader himself said goodbye. Today he is a non-attached member of the Folketing.

It came in the wake of an independent legal inquiry launched by the Conservatives on the basis of press reports accusing Khader of sexually abusing a number of women.

The investigation includes seven women and 17 witnesses. The latest case dates from 2017.

Khader does not recognize what the women are describing about their experiences with him. He also believes that they have been inspired by each other in their stories.

His exit was announced in the minutes around that the Conservatives’ chairman, Søren Pape Poulsen, held a press conference at the party’s summer group meeting.

Here, the chairman presented conclusions from the independent legal investigation.

Naser Khader estimates that the Conservatives did not give him a fair chance to give his version of the case.

He believes the party was pushing for the investigation to be completed before the summer group meeting.

– They ordered a lawyer’s survey, they read the survey, and they concluded before talking to me.

– When I was called for an interview with my lawyer, the decision had been made.

– Søren (Pape Poulsen, ed.) Did not confront me with the individual cases and asked if it is true, says Naser Khader.

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