S-rapporteur: An unworthy pat on the back for Trine Bramsen

S-rapporteur: An unworthy pat on the back for Trine Bramsen

Foreign Minister Marcus Knuth and Defense Minister Niels Flemming Hansen from the Conservatives in a comment in Berlingske on Wednesday evening directed sharp criticism of the Minister of Defense.

In the commentary, they ask why the government’s support parties “still hold the hand of Trine Bramsen as Minister of Defense”.

– At least we’ve had enough. Denmark deserves a Minister of Defense who we can trust and who stands by his responsibilities.

– Unfortunately, this cannot be said about Trine Bramsen, the rapporteurs conclude.

The criticism is, among other things, that the Minister of Defense “goes to a voter meeting on Ærø to talk about seals on the day when Kabul falls to the Taliban”.

– It’s in the trivia department in relation to rattling with the saber around minister departure. I think they are falling in level here and the time is right to just stop the clap hunt.

– I have also heard several politicians say that they have actually experienced an incredibly good service in the Foreign Policy Board. That’s why I think it’s too easy to buy to write this kind of thing.

– They try to grab what they can to see if they can create support to overthrow a minister. I do not think that is fair, and it is untenable that they are trying to collect. I think they should keep up with that, says Jeppe Bruus.

He points out that “there has been an evacuation going on under extremely difficult conditions, which has actually gone well”.

Jeppe Bruus refers instead to a forthcoming evaluation of the whole situation surrounding the evacuations from Kabul.

– It is clear that there must be an evaluation of it. It has been set in motion and there will also be a parliamentary process around it.

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