They flew the last Swedish plane out of Afghanistan

This week it is 20 years since 9/11. The terrorist attack that was the start of the US war on terrorism and also Sweden’s entry into Afghanistan.

Sweden ended its military presence in Afghanistan earlier this year. But when the Taliban, to the surprise of the world, in a short time regain power over the country, Sweden is forced to send back the military to evacuate people on the spot.

While there are only days left until the United States leaves the country, the threat to the airport is increasing. When the terrorist attack that everyone fears finally takes place, one of the Swedish planes remains on the runway.

The evacuation of Kabul

Border hits the pilots who planned and carried out the evacuation of Kabul, in a battle against the clock and in a security situation that is only getting worse and worse every day.


Per Carlemalm, head of the transport flight unit at Skaraborg’s air flotilla, F7

Malin Persson, commander of Skaraborg’s air flotilla

“Martin”, pilot on TP84 / Hercules

Pär Eriksson, defense analyst at FOI, the Swedish Defense Research Agency


Host: Bo Torbjörn Ek

Reporter: Ulrika Bergqvist

Producer: Carl-Johan Ulvenäs

Techniques: Mats Jonsson

Publisher: Nils Eklund






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