21-year-old is imprisoned after killing Syrian man in Nørrebro

A 21-year-old man has been remanded in custody for 13 days in a constitutional hearing in the Judges’ Guard in Copenhagen in connection with the murder of a Syrian man in Indre Nørrebro.

The young man was arrested on Wednesday night, Deputy Police Inspector at Copenhagen Police Bjarke Dalsgaard informs.

The constitutional hearing took place behind closed doors for the sake of the investigation, and thus only the accusation is to the public’s knowledge.

The 21-year-old has, according to police, killed the 26-year-old Syrian with multiple stab wounds to the body, and this has happened “in association and by common understanding and agreement with one or more unidentified accomplices”.

The accused denies guilt and did not want to plead guilty.

Deputy Police Inspector Bjarke Dalsgaard has not been able to say much more on Thursday because the case is still being investigated.

– During the intensive investigation yesterday, some clues emerged, including technical clues. That makes us believe together that we have a basis for manufacturing, he said Thursday morning.

On Wednesday, police issued a report of the victim in the hope that witnesses had seen the stabbing or seen something in the area. Police would still very much like to hear from witnesses.

– We are still in the beginning stage in relation to witness statements. We have not received a clear picture via witnesses yet, so we are still very interested in hearing from witnesses, said Bjarke Dalsgaard.

It remains unknown whether police have a theory about the motive behind the killing. Police can also not say whether the weapon was found.

It was Tuesday night that the 26-year-old Syrian citizen was stabbed in Nørrebro by Hans Tavsens Gade and subsequently died. He received several stab wounds.

The police received the report of the stabbing at 22.58. A passer-by had seen the 26-year-old lying on the sidewalk, Deputy Police Inspector Bjarke Dalsgaard said on Wednesday.

It was found that the 26-year-old man was in critical condition. He was subsequently taken to hospital for treatment, where his life could not be saved.

On Wednesday, the police had not yet caught the relatives of the 26-year-old, who is from Syria but has lived in Denmark for ten years. As entered, it is not always in the registers who the parents and siblings are, the deputy police inspector said.

Now, however, police have located a family member.

– We have caught a family member, who then informs further out of the country. We do not have control over all relatives at all, Bjarke Dalsgaard said.

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