Board meeting did not give opposition desired response on Afghanistan exit

The Conservatives’ foreign affairs spokesman Marcus Knuth said after the meeting that he still believes the situation leading up to the Islamist, militant movement Taliban’s takeover was underestimated.

– We have at last gained insight into the weekly reports from the Danish force commander in Afghanistan. In mid-June, reports of a terrible situation are being sent, he says.

The Afghan army was crumbling and the Taliban were marching on Kabul.

Although the Conservative rapporteur believes that the picture from Afghanistan is clearer, it is still unclear to him what happened to the information when they returned to Denmark.

– I have not progressed in relation to being told whether this has actually reached the Minister of Defense, he says.

Conservatives, along with the Liberals and the other parties in the opposition, have demanded that, in addition to the government’s own evaluation, an independent investigation be carried out.

However, the opposition has not been able to agree with the government’s support parties to get it set up now. Initially, a consultation has been convened.

The Unity List’s defense spokeswoman, Eva Flyvholm, is one of those who thinks that the Liberals and Conservatives are too eager. She believes the government’s evaluation should take place first and then be followed up by an independent inquiry.

The government’s evaluation is set to last between three and four months.

However, she admits that a study is needed.

– I think it is too late to start with these evacuations, she says.

“Throughout the summer you could see that the French and the English were in the process of their evacuations,” she says.

– In reality, I think it was due to a political reluctance to take a lot of people to Denmark, which was necessary. But when we made a political agreement, I think we got a really quick and effective evacuation.

Source: The Nordic Page





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