FACTS: Almost 60 percent of 12-15-year-olds have received the first plug

FACTS: Almost 60 percent of 12-15-year-olds have received the first plug

A total of 75.6 percent of the population of got first plug.

Here you can read about how the vaccination of the different groups is going:

* Groups 1-9:

Vaccine groups 1-9 include citizens over the age of 65, health professionals, the particularly vulnerable and their relatives.

In this group, 1,566,260 received the first injection of a vaccine. This corresponds to 96.7 percent of the target group. 1,559,241 – corresponding to 96.3 percent of the target group – have been vaccinated.

* Group 10A: Citizens aged 60-64:

Started: 264,797 people (93.6 percent).

Completely vaccinated: 263,141 (93.0 percent).

* 10B: Citizens aged 55-59 years:

Started: 320,520 (92.2).

Completely vaccinated: 317,770 (91.4).

* 10C: Citizens aged 50-54:

Started: 307,666 (90.6).

Completely vaccinated: 303,915 (89.5).

* 10D1: Citizens aged 16-19 and 45-49:

Started: 528,229 (86.7).

Completely vaccinated: 512,086 (84).

* 10D2: Citizens aged 20-24 and 40-44:

Started: 527,259 (80.9).

Completely vaccinated: 504,302 (77.3).

* 10D3: Citizens aged 25-29 and 35-39:

Started: 500,344 (74.7).

Completely vaccinated: 463,537 (69.2).

* 10D4: Citizens aged 30-34:

Started: 248,200 (72.1).

Completely vaccinated: 224,465 (65.2).

* Group 11: Citizens aged 12-15 years.

Started: 162,191 (59.6).

Completely vaccinated: 128,066 (47).

The inventory only includes the vaccinated citizens who are still alive and resident in Denmark.

The Statens Serum Institut (SSI) calculates the number of vaccinated in relation to the population and not the number of people to be vaccinated. SSI does this because it wants to assess how close Denmark is to herd immunity.

Note that the number of people who have received the first bite also includes those who have completed the vaccination. Those who have received the vaccine from Johnson & Johnson, which requires only one sting, are also included in both figures.

SSI points out that there may be a delay in the registration of the given vaccines.

Sources: Statens Serum Institut and the National Board of Health.

Source: The Nordic Page





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