Hannes Þór leaves the national team

Yesterday evening Hannes Þór Halldórsson played his last match of his career. He announced it in a TV interview after the match against Germany. Hannes joined the starting line-up for the game after sitting on the bench for the previous two games.

“I was expecting to play more matches in this competition window, but I was very happy to be given the chance to play this game.” Hannes Þór said in an interview with RÚV after the game.


“It was a very emotional window, but we had to focus on what we came here for, which is football. There are many young players who are starting their careers and exciting times are ahead “Hannes said.

He dispelled all doubts about the continuation of cooperation with the national team.

“I’ve been playing with the national team for ten years, almost day in, day out. I am very proud of it and had amazing moments in the national team jersey. These are my best memories. The time has come for a generational change, we have a lot of great goalkeepers. I think the right moment for me is to step aside and let them take the baton without my breath on their necks “Hannes said and added:

I played in my last game against Iceland tonight and thank you very much for everything Hannes said.

“It has been with me for a while and I’m satisfied with everything we’ve done together and with my national team career. I am pleased with myself and I have no regrets. I thought about quitting after Wembley, but then we decided to continue this stage of the game. I just feel that now is the right time to quit. “Hannes said.

It was the 77th game for the national colors of Hannes, the goalkeeper who played the most national games for Iceland in this position.

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