Police asked to investigate Center Party politicians "social surfers" comments

The Ostrobothnian police have received a request to investigate the speech of the downtown MP Juha Pylväs at the party’s summer congress in the city of Seinäjoki on August 25.

The Oulu politician, who is the chairman of the party’s parliamentary group, called the asylum seekers by name "surfers living on social welfare" during the speech.

He later apologized for his choice of words via Facebook send (in Finnish), in which he discussed the discussion that resulted from his speech.

"I said that we need skilled workers from abroad to work in Finland. I also said that we do not need social security abusers," The column wrote. "This is in line with the long-term policy of the parliamentary group and the party."

The police confirmed that a request for an investigation had been made, on the basis of which it was assessed whether there was reason to suspect that a crime had taken place and whether there was a need to open a preliminary investigation.

Some experts saw the Pillars ’immigration comments as part of the Central Party’s response to the opposition parties’ stated goal of attracting supporters to the rural center.

Source: The Nordic Page





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