Remaining corona restrictions have now been lifted

From midnight on September 10, Covid-19 is no longer categorized as a socially critical disease.

– This means that the restrictions which, according to the Epidemic Act, require that it is a socially critical disease, can no longer be set by the Minister of Health.

– These are, for example, rules on assembly ceilings and requirements for the use of masks in public spaces, says Helle Bødker Madsen, who is a professor at the Department of Law at Aarhus University.

The reopening agreement from June was entered into by a majority in the Folketing and stipulated, for example, when one should no longer wear a mask and show coronapas in certain places.

The last restrictions that are now gone are about coronapas.

Among other things, the nightclubs no longer have to ask their guests to show coronapas at the entrance.

The government decided in late August that it would not extend the status of the disease as socially critical.

It decided it because the epidemic is under control and the vaccination connection is high.

Coronavirus is now considered a generally dangerous disease. This means, among other things, that there are still some restrictions on entry, you can establish wastewater detection, carry out infection detection and set visit restrictions, the Ministry of Health informs.

A disease is categorized as socially critical if it is generally dangerous and if it causes or risks causing serious disruption of important societal functions if it spreads.

It is the Folketing’s Epidemic Committee that decides whether a generally dangerous disease is categorized as socially critical.

– If you want to introduce restrictions on, for example, masks, it will require the Minister of Health to get the support of the Folketing to categorize covid-19 as being a socially critical disease, says Helle Bødker Madsen.

When the government announced that it would no longer extend the categorization of covid-19 as a socially critical disease, Health Minister Magnus Heunicke (S) said the government would not hesitate to act quickly if the pandemic again threatens important functions in society.

Although coronavirus is no longer described as a socially critical disease, the National Board of Health still encourages adherence to good habits.

For example, staying home if you are ill and washing your hands and cleaning often.

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