SF wants a climate action plan on the table before the Finance Act

– We want there to be a roadmap in the climate area, because we can be worried about whether we can deliver the 70 percent – and whether we are fast enough, she says.

The SF chairman wants a plan that shows how the reductions that are missing are to be achieved.

First and foremost, it is important to land a climate agreement for agriculture, where the negotiations have dragged on through over 62 meetings.

In addition, it must be illustrated with a schedule where otherwise action must be taken. Among other things, with an account of what each sector should contribute to achieve the goal.

The roadmap is important to get in place before the Finance Act, because it is in it that the funding must be found, it reads.

– I think it’s a bottom line. So I do not see that it could not become part of the Finance Act.

– What the consequence will be, I will take it if it does not succeed. But I think it will succeed, and I think the government understands well that this is a limited task, says Pia Olsen Dyhr.

The goal that in 2030 Denmark should reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 70 percent compared to the level in 1990, was adopted in 2019 by a broad majority in the Folketing.

The Climate Act is binding and obliges to action. And a sub-target has been set for emissions to be reduced by 50 to 54 percent by 2025.

The Climate Council – the government’s advisory body in the climate area – has also requested an action plan that demonstrates that Denmark will achieve the goal.

The Social Democrats’ climate rapporteur, Anne Paulin, responds on behalf of the government in a written comment:

– Right now we have a big and important task in concluding an ambitious agricultural agreement, which is being worked on intensely.

– In addition, we would of course like to discuss with SF, which is an important partner, how we move forward with the next half in achieving our 70 percent goal. Here we need to get all the good input and ideas on the table, it sounds.

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