The Social Democrats: Finance law is boring but responsible

The proposal proposes that the vast majority of the costs of the corona crisis be phased out. And at the same time, there are plans to keep the money. Therefore, this is a relatively tight finance law compared to last year’s finance law.

– We are in the middle of a boom, where employment is higher than before the crisis, says Christian Rabjerg Madsen after spending a large part of the speech praising the Social Democratic government’s fiscal policy during the crisis.

– Now we must lighten the foot from the accelerator so that the economy does not overheat. That is why we are presenting a tight fiscal law, also when it comes to the more traditional part of fiscal policy.

The government’s budget bill will reduce the economy by a small two percent. Which will be the tightest finance law since the potato cure in the 1980s. However, it must be seen in the context that the Finance Act of 2021 with its significant support under the corona was historically expansive.

SF has previously called the proposal boring. And Christian Rabjerg Madsen admits this on Thursday.

– It’s called boring. That’s not entirely wrong. But it is also responsible in a situation where the economy is booming from there, he says.

The Finance Act has been criticized for not devoting enough to the green transition, the climate negotiations with agriculture or addressing the shortage of labor that has suddenly arisen after the corona crisis.

In the Folketing, the Liberal Party and the Danish People’s Party are asking why no money has been set aside for a new exit center.

The Conservatives’ Rasmus Jarlov attaches himself to something completely different.

– Apart from how boring it is, what struck me the most when I read it is that there are no savings proposals.

– We have expenses of 1200 billion kroner. Is there no place where you can spend a little less of the Danes’ money ?, he says.

Source: The Nordic Page





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