Thursday’s papers: Climate budget, new defense report and criticism of Covid strategy

prime minister Sanna Marin (SDP) has given the Central Party and the Greens time until Thursday morning to find a consensus in a row that has halted budget talks, Finland’s biggest circulation Helsingin sanomat newspaper reports.

The Greens had been eager to continue negotiations on Wednesday’s climate measures overnight, but the environment and climate minister said the center was not so eager Krista Mikkonen (Green), Evening paperI am writing.

"Yes, the discussions took place in a good spirit and in a civilized way, but no consensus was found," Mikkonen, who acted as the chief negotiator for the Greens, told the tabloid on Wednesday night.

The Finnish government’s goal is for the country to be carbon neutral by 2035, and to ensure this, annual greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced by 11 megatonnes. However, the controversy over how this will be implemented remains unresolved, and ministers are now competing against the clock to reach a common consensus.

You can read more about the line details here.

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The new defense report addresses the threats of the next decade

Finland’s latest national defense report is due to be published on Thursday, when it has been submitted to Parliament. Helsingin sanomat newspaper (HS) writes.

This is only the second report of its kind, with guidelines extending to the end of this decade.

The aim of the report is to ensure that Finland’s defense capabilities respond to changes in the country’s operating environment, ie land, sea, air, space and information networks, in which the Finnish army is present.

According to interviews with the news agency STT, cyber-attacks and related responses, as well as various threats caused by hybrid and information disruptions, are at the forefront of the new report.

Minister of Defense Antti Kaikkonen (Cen) and Commander of the Defense Forces Timo Kivinen will present the report at a press conference on Thursday afternoon.

In their letter, chief doctors criticized the government’s Covid strategy

The chief physicians of the five hospital districts have given a "hard" a letter calling for an improved pandemic strategy from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, tabloid Evening News (IS) writes.

In a letter written on the last day of August, physicians expressed concern about the amount of resources and the effort involved in making decisions about tracing and isolating contacts at the expense of primary care services.

"The current large-scale quarantine and testing guidelines are causing congestion in health services, which in turn is having a detrimental effect on health on all fronts," letter read according to IS.

Health experts further argued that the current coronavirus strategy did not reflect the changed pandemic situation, IS reports.

THL and local physicians have not been adequately listened to in decision-making processes, chief physicians added. They think the core issue is "the slowness of the preparation of the national strategy and the inability to listen to experts in the fight against communicable diseases," According to a letter read by IS suppliers.

At the end of the letter is a seven-point list of proposed measures that the government should take in its Covid strategy, focusing mainly on the effectiveness of testing and the revision of quarantine rules.

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