Woman does not appeal verdict for joining Islamic State

Woman does not appeal verdict for joining Islamic State

Aya Al-Mansi was just 18 years old when she left for Istanbul in Turkey in June 2016 with a further course to Syria. Here she joined the militant movement Islamic State for a period of up to two years and nine months.

During the case, she pleaded not guilty and explained that she has never been to Syria.

She was initially taken to Turkey to meet a boyfriend she had met via the social media Twitter. Here she ended up staying a few months before first going to Egypt and then returning to Turkey.

However, the three judges and six jurors did not believe her. They emphasized a number of pieces of evidence presented by senior plaintiff Bo Bjerregaard.

Among other things, these were some pictures that police experts, based on comparison with other pictures, located to originate from Raqqa in Syria.

And – as the court noted in the verdict – there were no pictures of the alleged girlfriend in Aya Al-Mansi’s phone.

The court also emphasized how various persons who have been convicted in terrorist cases at home and abroad have been in contact with Aya Al-Mansi and her family.

It is two and a half years since Aya Al-Mansi was arrested in Turkey. She became one in March 2019. And only in July 2020 was she extradited to Denmark, where she has since been in custody.

With the verdict, the court has ruled that the time Al-Mansi has been detained in Turkey must count towards sentencing. So in total she has been serving her sentence for almost two and a half years now.

During the case, MP Naser Khader, among others, has been called as a witness.

Aya Al-Mansi is the granddaughter of Khader’s half-sister, and he has said that in the process he has mediated a contact between the woman’s worried family and the Police Intelligence Service (PET).

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