Commentators: Hard to see broad agreement with blue proposal

Commentators: Hard to see broad agreement with blue proposal

This is the assessment from the Althingi’s political commentator, Erik Holstein.

– The government’s options in the negotiations have been clearly curtailed.

– It points more in the direction of a settlement to the other side with the support parties, he says.

The bourgeois parties in particular would like more fresh money to support the farmers’ green transition.

The parties fear that the government’s proposal will cost too many jobs.

But with the government’s support parties, a different attitude prevails.

– There is something purely principled in relation to having the support parties with, because they want to see that you stick to the principle that the polluter pays, says Erik Holstein.

If you ask political editor at Avisen Danmark Casper Dall, the play from the bourgeoisie has at the same time made it easier.

It has become more transparent to Rasmus Prehn what the wishes of the bourgeoisie are in the negotiations.

– But he is in a strong cross-pressure, where the bourgeoisie demands a lot – especially on the economy.

– And the red parties will push the minister even harder to get an agreement made only with the support parties, because they do not think it is ambitious enough, what the bourgeois parties have played out with.

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