Committee blue-stamps cholesterol drug for PFOS-poisoned citizens

The experiment involves giving the citizens of PFOS in Korsør the drug colestyramine.

It is a well-known and well-proven remedy for high cholesterol.

Doctors at Holbæk Hospital, who are responsible for the project, believe that the preparation may also increase the excretion of PFOS from the body.

They have therefore applied to the Scientific Ethics Committee to initiate an experiment.

– It is a cornerstone and a very big step, we have moved on.

– This means that we have an approval that the project is ethically sound to carry out, says chief physician responsible for research Morten Lindhardt, Holbæk Hospital.

A large proportion of the 187 citizens have been diagnosed with high levels of PFOS in their blood.

The carcinogen is absorbed into the body through the meat of the calves, which have been grazing in a field for years.

PFOS was previously used in firefighting foam, and it was from the fire school that it seeped on to the field where the cows grazed.

The experiment with the cholesterol-lowering agent will not include pregnant women and children.

– These are groups that we consider more fragile, and since the drug does not have a documented effect, they do not become part of the experiment, says Morten Lindhardt.

The final permission from the Danish Medicines Agency and from a so-called GCP group, which must ensure that the trial is in accordance with good clinical practice, is still lacking.

– I have no doubt that we will probably get the final approvals in place. It’s more how fast it’s going to go, says Morten Lindhardt.

He hopes to be able to start the trial by October. If everything goes as planned, one will be able to be ready with the first results in the summer of 2022.

A survey from Danish Regions shows that it is not only in Korsør that PFOS has been found.

The regions’ mapping shows that 145 localities across the country need to be investigated further.

Source: The Nordic Page





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