FACTS: Blue block climate plan for agriculture

FACTS: Blue block climate plan for agriculture

After almost a year of negotiations on a climate plan for agriculture, the blue bloc has presented its proposal. It must ensure that agriculture gets through the green transition without costing tens of thousands of jobs.

The Red Block has criticized the scheme for not having any binding goals but only objectives when it comes to agriculture.

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* Goal:

– The proposal must reduce agricultural CO2 emissions by 7.4 million tonnes by 2030. Nitrogen emissions must be reduced by 10,800 tonnes.

* Principles:

– The climate plan must ensure more jobs in agriculture, not fewer.

– The climate impact of agriculture must be seen in a global perspective.

– Implementation of EU legislation in the field of climate and environment should not be greater than in other countries.

* Measures in food production:

– Climate measures must take into account the effect globally.

– 100,000 hectares of agricultural land and peripheral areas must be set aside for, for example, wetlands. It must be done voluntarily by the farmers and they must have financial compensation.

New research is needed into new technologies that can reduce agricultural emissions.

* Aquatic environment:

No new, direct requirements must be made for further reductions in nitrogen emissions – called targeted regulation. In turn, more needs to be done to remove nitrogen.

– More forests and more wetlands need to be created. This must be done, among other things, through grants.

– Wastewater must be treated more and there must be more focus on, for example, mussels that remove nitrogen in fjords.

* Financial support:

– An additional DKK 780 million per year will be spent on helping agriculture to green transition.

– Agricultural aid must be simplified.

– It must be financed by reintroducing payment for Danish tuition for foreign students, reintroducing residence requirements for unemployment benefits and via the Finance Act’s reserves.

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