FACTS: This is what the travel guide looks like for Danes

FACTS: This is what the travel guide looks like for Danes

If a country is yellow, it means that you can travel there well, but that you have to be extra careful and take a test when you get home if you have not been vaccinated or previously infected.

If a country is orange, Denmark advises against unnecessary travel there.

Lands can also be shaded orange. If they are, this means that unnecessary travel to the country is discouraged due to significant entry restrictions.

If the country is red, all travel to the country is not recommended.

In general, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises that you pay attention no matter where in the world you travel.

In addition, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has shaded the color orange, which applies to countries that have special restrictions on entry for Danish travelers. So it is not high infection rates that keep them from being open.

Here are the facts about the updated travel guide for EU / Schengen and UK countries, which will take effect on Saturday at 4pm.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs states that it expects the Czech Republic and Estonia to change their entry restrictions from Denmark on 13 September.

This means that the countries will no longer be shaded orange in the travel guide. Estonia will therefore be changed to yellow, while the Czech Republic will be green.

Albania: Orange.

Andorra: Yellow.

Belgium: Yellow.

Bosnia: Yellow.

Bulgaria: Yellow.

Cyprus: Yellow.

Estonia: Shaded orange.

Finland: Shaded orange.

France: Yellow.

Greece: Yellow.

Holland: Yellow.

Ireland: Yellow.

Iceland: Shaded orange.

Italy: Yellow – with the exception of the regions of Piedmont, Aosta Valley, Lombardy, Abruzzo, Molise, Trento and Lazio, which are green.

Kosovo: Orange.

Croatia: Yellow.

Latvia: Shaded orange.

Liechtenstein: Yellow.

Lithuania: Shaded orange.

Luxembourg: Gul.

Malta: Shaded orange.

Moldova: Yellow.

Montenegro: Orange.

Northern Macedonia: Orange.

Norway: Shaded orange – with the exception of the regions Innlandet, Agder and Trøndelag, which are yellow.

Poland: Green.

Portugal: Yellow – with the exception of the Azores, which are green.

Romania: Green.

San Marino: Yellow.

Serbia: Orange.

Switzerland: Gul.

Slovakia: Shaded orange.

Slovenia: Yellow.

Spain: Yellow – with the exception of the region of Asturias, which is green.

United Kingdom: Orange.

Sweden: Yellow.

Czech Republic: Shaded orange.

Germany: Yellow – with the exception of Schleswig-Holstein, which is green.

Ukraine: Yellow.

Hungary: Green.

Vatican City State: Yellow.

Austria: Yellow.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Source: The Nordic Page





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