Green focus in new Copenhagen budget agreement

Sporty lift

An additional DKK 250 million is invested in sports, with new artificial turf pitches earmarked for Emdrup, Lersøparken and Kløvermarken, as well as a new swimming pool in Sydhavn.

Opening hours on ice rinks in Ørstad and Østerbro are extended to cover the whole year, as are tennis courts in Ryvang and Genforeningspladsen.

Funds have also been set aside to expand the municipality’s pool of noise pollution in order to achieve a better balance between nightlife and sleep.

And a little related, more money will be set aside to keep the city center – along with social hotspots such as Havenparken, Nørrebroparken and Amager Strandpark – cleaner in the summer months.

Finally, DKK 300 million has been set aside for the recruitment of welfare workers such as nurses, educators and health assistants over the next four years.

Read the full budget report here.

Source: The Nordic Page





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