Judge jails 27-year-old after stabbing in Esbjerg

Judge jails 27-year-old after stabbing in Esbjerg

A 27-year-old man has been remanded in custody for 14 days in a constitutional hearing at the Court in Esbjerg on Friday afternoon.

This is stated by the South and Southern Jutland Police.

The man was arrested in connection with a search on Marbækvej in Esbjerg on Thursday afternoon. He is charged with attempted murder in connection with a stabbing at Præstebakken on Tuesday night.

He denies guilt, but he did not appeal the decision on custody to the Western High Court.

The constitutional hearing was held behind closed doors, so it is not possible to find out what he otherwise explained or why the police suspect him in the case.

Several cars were present when a fight broke out on the street. The fight ended with two men aged 20 and 25 being stabbed with a knife. They were seriously injured but are out of life danger.

Since the showdown, police have identified all the cars involved in the episode. Two of them have been found left in a parking lot at Store Darum.

Police apparently do not know the exact motive for the collision.

Police Inspector Jeppe Kjærgaard emphasized earlier this week that they are investigating thoroughly and several directions. At the same time, he said that the police can not rule out that there was a gang showdown.

He did not name the gangs, but two gangs from Kvaglund and Stengårdsvej, respectively, have for years had a strained relationship with each other and have previously been in open conflict. However, there has been silence around them for a while.

Already on the night before Wednesday, the police carried out several searches in Esbjerg in connection with the investigation of the stabbing. Three people were arrested, but they were subsequently released again.

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