Minister on Farewell to Restrictions: Denmark is in a good place

– Everyday life is pretty much the same, but does not mean that there is no danger, but when so many have been vaccinated, we are in a good place.

– If you look over the last 1.5 years, the virus has mutated many times, and therefore I can not guarantee anything. But when you compare with many other countries, we are in a good place.

He urges the population to remember the good habits of hand alcohol as well as testing and isolation if one has symptoms.

He also emphasizes that the Danish authorities have a number of good tools for monitoring the pandemic. He mentions, among other things, testing of wastewater around the country, where the authorities are looking for corona infection.

In addition, Magnus Heunicke mentions that Denmark has placed orders for an additional millions of vaccines – including newly developed types aimed at new variants.

86.6 percent of those invited in Denmark have accepted the offer to be vaccinated. That equates to 4.4 million.

The National Board of Health has a goal that 90 percent must be vaccinated on 1 October.

To achieve that goal, an additional 174,000 people must be vaccinated during September, figures from the Statens Serum Institut show.

Magnus Heunicke encourages more people to take a vaccine because the infection especially affects those who have not been stung.

– They can be affected themselves, and they may risk transmitting the infection to citizens with a weakened immune system, says Magnus Heunicke to TV 2.

Source: The Nordic Page





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