Runners across the country can expect showers and wind over the weekend

On Saturday, when approximately 15,000 Danes run over the country’s largest bridge, there may be rain and showers for a large part of the day.

– It is unfortunate that the weather does not change. Showers and headwinds across the Great Belt are probably not what one hopes for. It can be a bit tough, says Anja Bodholdt.

Sunday during the Royal Run in five Danish cities, it thins out in the showers, but the wind gets a slight upward, so it becomes even to fresh, says the meteorologist.

Both Saturday and Sunday the temperatures will be around 20-21 degrees.

Before the weekend’s race kicks off, however, a really nice summer day awaits on Friday in the style of the weather on Thursday, where 26.1 degrees was measured as the highest in Northwest Zealand.

– In terms of temperature, we can not complain today. It will be between 20 and 25 degrees, says Anja Bodholdt.

Thus, another meteorological summer day is planned, which will start nicely, but in the afternoon there may be clouds and later maybe showers.

When the weekend ends, it looks like there will be an improvement in the weather with dry weather and room for sunshine.

Anja Bodholdt will therefore not rule out that Friday will be the last meteorological summer day this year.

Source: The Nordic Page





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