S has spent over 600,000 kroner on Mette F’s facebook profile

S has spent over 600,000 kroner on Mette F's facebook profile

Since 15 April 2019, the Social Democrats have spent almost DKK 640,000 on promoting Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen’s post on Facebook. It writes BT

When you promote posts on Facebook, it comes out to more people. It intertwines with the posts that other users see in their news feed.

You choose which target group it is to be promoted among. For example, it could be those on the medium who are friends with people who follow the person.

According to BT, much of the money was used when there were elections to the Folketing in 2019. In August, however, between 25,000 and 30,000 kroner was spent on promoting a video.

The Prime Minister said in June that the tech giants and social media must take responsibility. Among other things, for the conversation that takes place in the media. The tone makes some people opt out of participating in the debates on social media.

The Social Democrats’ political spokesperson, Jeppe Bruus, is of the opinion that you can use Facebook and at the same time believe that increased demands must be made.

“People who think that the regulation of the banks must be tightened up to combat money laundering also have a bank account or a loan in the bank,” he told BT to emphasize the point.

The amount makes Mette Frederiksen the party leader whose profile on social media during the period has spent the most money on promoting posts from.

Number two is the leader of the Conservatives, Søren Pape Poulsen. Approximately 380,000 kroner has been spent here during the period, writes BT

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