The glam rocker who moved to Silkeborg

He began his drumming career in a scout orchestra, but swapped early mornings for late nights as he started a series of bands that ended with Slade.

With hits such as “Cum on Feel the Noize” and “Far Far Away”, the band stands as one of the most important British bands of the 1970s glamrock era. Slade’s Christmas hit “Merry Christmas Everybody” has also become a regular part of most Christmas playlists.

Many people probably envision Slade with the big hats and sequins that were part of the band’s performances in the 1970s.

On the night of July 1, 1973, however, Powell was struck by a tragedy when he drove wrong with his 20-year-old fiancé, Angela Morris. The car hit a wall and Angela Morris was killed. Don Powell was seriously injured and was in a coma for six weeks.

After the accident, Powell had to undergo several surgeries and rehab before he could rejoin the band. He still has problems with his short-term memory.

– The surgeon who saw me wanted me back on the road. That was the last thing I wanted. I had two broken legs, a broken arm and a skull fracture, he tells the online media Express and Star.

But Don Powell came back. Slade played together until 1992, when they officially broke up. Since then, several varieties of the band have appeared as both Slade 2 and Don Powell’s Slade.

Don Powell is still active and looks forward to playing for the audience when the corona pandemic allows.

He moved to Denmark in 2004.

Don Powell thanks on his website Lise Lyng Falkenberg, who in 2013 was behind the book “Look Wot In Dun: Don Powell of Slade”. The book was created after more than 50 hours of interview.

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